Weld County Fire Training Officers Association

Welcome to the Weld County Fire Training Officer’s Association (WCFTOA) website! We hope this website is a useful resource to Weld County Fire Training Officers and those who visit it. Allow us to give you a little history on who we are and how the WCFTOA began.

On July 25th, 2007 several Weld County Training Officers met to discuss the process for becoming an Association. Eight Training Officers were present and agreed to operate under the Colorado State Training Officers Association as a charter member creating the Weld County Fire Training Officers Association. Since then, the WCFTOA has met bimonthly along with the Weld County Fire Chief’s Association to share ideas, common issues, and to be a resource to one another as we all face the same challenges in our role as Training Officers.

We believe our Stakeholders are all of Weld County’s firefighters, each Weld County fire department, the Weld County Fire Chief’s Association, Weld County tax payers, Aims Community College, the Colorado Division of Fire Safety, the Colorado State Training Officer’s Association, and other union organizations.

The Weld County Fire Training Officers Association began a project in November of 2009 with the assistance of Judith Eaton, an intern with the City of Evans who is passionate about strategic planning and mission and values processes. This project was to create a mission, values, and goals for our Association. To give us a purpose that we all understand and inspires support and on-going commitment. A reason to belong to this group!

Weld County EMS Protocols:

Table of Contents
Section 100: Abbreviations
Section 200: Assessment
Section 300: Medical
Section 400: Trauma
Section 500: Medications
Section 600: Patient Assisted Medications
Section 700: Procedures
Section: 800 Policies

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